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created by
Jacobson Photographic Instruments, Inc.
Precision Protective Sound Gear for Professional Photographers

What is a sound Blimp?
The Jacobson Sound Blimp is a housing for professional cameras which acts as a 
silencer, and effectively eliminates noise created by their operation. In settings where environmental conditions can affect sensitive camera mechanisms, and delicate lenses, the Jacobson Sound Blimp provides superior protection from the adverse effects of sand, dust, and sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

Silencing of extraneous sound is essential when noise would prove distracting in 
environments where deep concentration and focus are required:

Film and Television Sound Stages
Theatrical Performances
Lectures and Seminars
Courtroom and Public Hearings
Wildlife Observation
Sporting Events Such as Golf or Chess
Research Laboratories

Constructed and serviced by JPI’s experienced technicians at our facility in the North Hollywood district of Los Angeles, our sound blimps are designed to work with both Canon and Nikon 35mm cameras. 


JPI’s founder, Irving Jacobson, invented the first Sound Blimp (See our Company History) and the company continues to produce quality instruments used internationally by professionals in the film, theatrical and photographic industry.  
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